Monday, December 18, 2017

12/18/17... Hey y'all! Life is crazy in Shelby!

Another week flew by, life is crazy.  

We had a lot of miracles this week and I'll try and remember everything that happened. 

We have been trying to find more people to teach, and we have been doing a few main things differently.   We'll plan with members for someone they know that could really be blessed by the gospel and how they can share the gospel with them. It's been going pretty good so far. We have a lot of members that are really trying to share the gospel right  now. 

We've been trying to get to know the ward as  quick as we can.  We were full for dinners this week, so it was good to get to know a lot of knew faces. It's really hard to put all the names that you learn to the faces, I forget them so quickly a lot of the time... haha. 

Friday we had some interesting lessons. This guy thought we were Jehovah Witnesses which happens a lot actually. His wife said we could come back and the guy was like, Wait I though y'all were the Jehovah Witnesses. And he started to argue with us a little bit.  We tried not to bash at all so we left pretty quickly.  I just think that it's still ok for us to stick up for our beliefs and be firm in them but not try and argue with others--obviously that drives away the Spirit. So we had a good lesson over there then went and got in contact with a lady who wants to investigate the church that the previous missionaries taught.  It was hectic, the little girl was going crazy and it was so hard to focus on anything spiritual in there. 

Saturday was a ton of fun! Brother Hickman came out with us all day. His wife is a recent convert and they are just so solid. They take really good care of the missionaries.  They brought us over a Christmas tree so that we could have one in our apartment haha. We had a couple really good lessons that day. We went and had a lesson with a recent convert, and a couple had moved in with them earlier that week. They were really interested in the gospel. It was so great being able to teach the restoration with Elder Luna. It's always really nerve wracking teaching when you first get out. It's a lot of fun when we contact people on the streets to get him out of his comfort zone. It's never easy but it can be a lot of fun if we make it and follow the Spirit the best we can. Then Brother Hickman was like let's go try one of our friends, and he said he didn't think he was ready for the gospel but let's go ahead and try it. Well he was wanting to meet with us actually, and he totally wanted to come to church he just needed a ride. We got him a ride and his ride didn't even show up to church either! It was a bummer but we got next week. 

That night we had to drive to York after our ward Christmas party and pick up Elder Christiansen because he is a traveling assistant right now. It was about an hour drive and we left at was such a tiring night....actually morning because we got like 0 sleep. So it was a struggle staying awake at church lol. But it was so fun having Elder Christiansen with us. He is such a good missionary and really fun to be around. He stayed the night Sunday night and went to zone activity with us. We did an ugly sweater contest and also did a white elephant exchange it was super fun, I got a dinosaur egg that turns into a dinosaur when you put it in water haha. Then played some volleyball which is always fun! 

When do we get to Skype with you??!!   
Let's do 12 our time which would be like 9 your time I think right? Will that work with your church schedule?
Any Christmas needs? 
Don't think so right now. 
for you or for anyone else...

What are your favorite eating places in your new town???
Ohhhhh I love this place called the Shelby Cafe! You can get something called the garbage platter and it's biscuits--2 of them, with hash browns, cheese, liver mush (it's famous in this town--tastes like sausage honestly) cheese, and gravy on that plus 2 eggs. Soooo good very unhealthy but so good lol. Haven't gone to a whole lot of other great ones, just some regular fast foods and we want to try this good barbecue place here. 

Love y'all! Love you mom! 

This dog looked just like Chloe!

View from my desk...
Exchanges with Elder Zesiger... it was nice to see him.  It's been since the MTC.  

Monday, December 11, 2017

12/11/17... I'm in Shelby!

Elder Luna
This last week was crazy! Fun, stressful and crazy.  

We had Mission Leadership Conference last Tuesday and we thought transfer calls were going to come later that night. But before the meeting President pulls me and another elder in and tells us we were getting transferred. I'm going to Shelby, North Carolina! Well I'm here now... but yeah-- Shelby! Elder Carroll and Elder Kimball both served here and they talked it up a lot. So the whole meeting I knew I was getting transferred and it was kinda on my mind and bugging me the whole time. I could have stayed in Pineville for the rest of my mission-- I loved it so much! The people, my companion, the ward. It was all just really amazing. I'm so grateful to have served there.  I learned a lot there. So Wednesday was pretty jumbled, it consisted of teaching a few lessons, and saying goodbye and packing. I didn't even get to say goodbye to everyone but I got a few of them. I had to say goodbye to the Sheppards.  They are an amazing family and some of my favorite people. We went to dinner with Star and Jason that night too! It was Elder Ward's birthday so we went to Outback. We had a good lesson with Maureen that night too. 

Thursday I finished packing everything. Which it wouldn't have fit if I wasn't given a few Space Bags. They were so nice. But everything mostly fit pretty snug. I've kept and gotten rid of a lot of things. My 2 suits I came out with don't really fit anymore, so I left those. I've gotten 5 pairs of shoes out here--mostly just from other missionaries going home. Got all of my stuff gathered.  Oh and I found out my bike got stolen off of our back porch!  So I took Elder Ward's bike since he's going home next transfer.  We got there at 10 and I had a meeting at 1 so we went and got lunch with some other missionaries at a good sub shop while we waited. Then I got my companion Elder Luna, got our new car, got the keys to the apartment and we headed off! 

It was kind of hectic right off the bat. Just trying to figure out the area and who we were working with. There's some solid members here and the ward is tiny! To put it in perspective there are single seats in the chapel with about 10 rows, no overflow! But our ward missionaries here are super solid and help out a ton! They made it really great for us. Friday Brother Hickman picked us up at 2 and came out with us all day!  We actually made cookies and took them to all of our investigators. But we ended up taking them to some random people and we actually got in 2 homes and were able to talk to them about the gospel. 

We are working with a family who is really nice.  We had a lesson with them Saturday and the daughter has a ton of questions that are really good. It was a very Spirit-led lesson and it just ended the night on such a high note. Yesterday at church we tried our best to get to know everybody. It seems like a really great ward that we are in and it will be fun getting to know everyone. We had a really fun dinner too! We were at the Simpson home and they have a ton of kids who love the missionaries and they were just going wild, they were jumping all over us it was crazy. 

I've really been grateful to be on a mission lately.  I've really felt how important it is to always have the spirit in your life and how fulfilling it is to have it. We are here on the earth with a personal guide to help us stay on the right path.  How great of a blessing, and how great of a responsibility it is to live worthy of it. 

I love the scripture in Alma 32:23 
Every seed bringeth forth fruit of it's own likeness. 
I think this relates a lot to leadership and parenthood and life in general. It makes me look at true character and realize that who I am and who I become is going to effect others. A good leader creates leaders and a good disciple creates more disciples. A good father creates good fathers and it can apply to anything really. 
Just a scripture that I really like. 

Love you so much!
Elder Morgan 


Tell us ALL about your move, your goodbyes, your apartment, your companion... etc.
The apartment is 2 bed, 2 bath. No workout that's a huge bummer. I think we might be able to get a bench set from another apartment soon. My companion is from Eureka California.  He played a ton of sports, has a family of 7. He's the first one to serve a mission. Very nice humble guy. 

I have always wondered...
--When you move, do you have enough room in your suitcases?
For the most part yes, most missionaries get another box and fill it up with stuff. 
--Have you kept good track of your stuff, or have you left a bunch of it along the way?
Both. I left some slacks that were worn down. 
--Do you bring any of the food and toiletries you got?  or do you just get new in each area?
I don't really, I do with my toothpaste and that stuff but not food usually. So an Amazon pantry box would be awesome right now! 
--How big is your new ward?
--Are you still the ZL?  How big is your area?
The area is big but we have about 70 active members I think. It is almost an hour drive across the whole thing probably. 
How are you on shoes?
I'm good on shoes. 
How are you on tennis shoes?
Good... a little holy, but they're good still. I got a pair of vans actually, with the birthday money too. 
What size do you like?
12 normally.
Do you still wear the LeBron's to play basketball?
Ya they're solid! 
Do you keep your apartment clean--ish?!  
Are you vacuuming?
Ya we deep cleaned our old apartment pretty good and this one is pretty clean so far. 
Just a few things a mom needs to know! 😉

Also--Speak now or forever hold your peace-- WHAT ELSE CAN WE SEND YOU FOR CHRISTMAS???
I'm pretty set right now 
What treats are you craving?  
Muddy buddies were so good last time :) I loved those! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

9/9/17... The NCCM life

What's up y'all! 

This week flew by so I'm just trying to remember what happened lol. 

MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) was this Tuesday so it was super fun. We talked a lot on planning because we got these new smart phones.  It's a  Samsung j3 and it's not a super great phone... but it's night and day to what we had, so it's pretty legit. We can Skype more members into our lessons to get more fellowshippers. The new missionaries starting in January are going to come out with phones instead of tablets. And guess what? The rumor going around at MLC was that Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat might be some of the apps that we start using to proselyte......ya that'll be crazy to see how those go and how we would use them. So send me some snaps when we get it. Naw I don't think they'd want that haha. 

Then right after MLC we went on exchanges with Elder Cannon and Elder Samuelson, who is a new missionary. I went with Elder Samuelson in our area while Elder Johnsen went to their area in South Carolina. Elder Samuelson is awesome--guess what, he loves baseball! And chance the rapper...(favorite rapper). But we had a really good day, we went and taught the Nigerian family and it was really good. We read the Book of Mormon with them and they committed to come to church and come and do a Church Tour that Friday. Friday we realized we had their wrong number. So we went over and talked to them and they were got ready really quick and met us at the church. They loved the church and were excited for Sunday. Well Sunday came and we were expecting them and they snuck in right at the end of sacrament. I guess they really liked it and are coming back tomorrow. 

We had to plan for our Zone Week that we are doing this next week. It'll be really fun...hopefully.  Everyone in the zone gets on Facebook chat for 30 minutes and someone in the zone gives trainings or councils on stuff. Doesn't sound super interesting but it can be pretty good. 

We were able to find a couple new people to teach and one we are teaching tonight, he's a teenager and plays basketball. 

Love y'all
Love you Mom
Elder Morgan

Here are some quick Qs

When are transfers?
October 24th 
Where is Elder Johnsen going home to? What are his plans?
He s going back to Ventura, California. He's going to play football at Utah State. I think he goes to school in January. 
(I need to get going on it ASAP so I can get it in the mail. 😉)
Hmmmm. Send my Southridge watch out. Um I don't really know I'm pretty set. Gift cards actually. 

What is your weather like there??
It's been super humid lately and really hot. Starting to cool down soon hopefully.....probably not soon though lol. It'll be hot and humid for a good bit I think. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2/27/17... Salisbury is da bess

Hey maw 

This week was really good! It seems like all the things I want to write about just vanish from my brain whenever I write. Oh well I'll try my best because this week was awesome! 

So I'll start out with talkin about this lady named Donna. So we were knocking a couple doors in between appointments last week and we knock this little group appartment home place where you go inside a bond there's 4 appartments. We knock them all, no answers. We walk out and hear this lady call to us from inside. We go in talk to her a bit and she ended up saying we could come back and share a message with her. So a couple days later we go back to teach her the restoration, it was going so good and we start going into the first vision, right off the bat she goes, Nope... not true that man is a false prophet and did all these bad things.  So we were like well you don't know unless you try, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it with an open heart, so she said she would read. A couple days later we text her confirming our appointment and she texted back and said she is so fascinated and wants to learn more, and that she just couldn't stop crying after she read. So we go over and her whole home just felt different she looked better and said she just has such a strong desire to change, to be a better mom and stuff and she wanted to quit drinking. Then a couple days later we text her to confirm another appointment and she says today was the first day she didn't drink in 14 years! Can you believe that! 14 years!  She is on fire now and has read almost all of 1 Nephi. She came to Debbie's baptism this Saturday, loved it. Then she came to church this Sunday and brought her 16yr old friend named Alexis and they loved it! It's still going to be a battle for her to quit some stuff but I have so much faith that she can do it! 

Debbie's baptism was so good... she is such an amazing person.  We were so excited for her and she was even more excited! She wants to go to the temple as soon as she can too! Also.....side note but Laird from Winston got baptized a couple days after I left and got the priesthood, got his temple recommend and has gone to the temple already! He is on fire it made me so happy to hear that he was doing so good! 

Saturday night we had dinner at Bishop Daines house and we had some super good burgers that he smoked. Denzel and Myiesha and their kids came and it was so good! We had such a fun lesson with them outside around a campfire; it was so fun! They want to quit smoking  and get baptized and they committed to do both Saturday and said they'd be at church for sure, we'll unfortunately they didn't come to church, it was a little bit of a bummer but we're hoping they still will quit smoking this Wednesday. 

Things are going great with my companion we get along really well, I think our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other well which is super nice for teaching and stuff. Living with one guy is really weird now haha, but it's kinda nice, it's quieter and you kind of have more time to study on your free time. 

How is Elder Grieves?   Tell us more about him and how you two are doing in your new companionship.
Super great 
Have you perfected your Southern accent?
Not at all, I wish though! Maybe in a year and a half I will have it down. 
Take pics of your apartment and your city... 
How big is your area?  
It's a huge area, it probably takes an hour to drive from one side to the other. It's more country too so i love it! 
How many missionaries are in Salisbury?
Just us 2. 
Do you need anything?
Naw don't think so 
What was your most spiritual experience this week?
This week we had zone meeting and we talked about charity and treating people like family. We did a role play where we picked a family member and pretended that they went less was so powerful. And of course I don't cry because I'm a man but I'll just say it was hard for me to get through it, it changed me whole perspective on how I need to look at others. Our mission president said the key to our mission rising is charity, so that what I've been working on. 

Love you ! 
Elder Morgan 

Monday, February 6, 2017

2/6/2017... Good bye Winston-Salem. I am getting transferred to Salisbury, NC!

Soooo this week was amazing a lot of great things happened, Laird is getting baptized next Saturday too!  

Sunday morning the zone leaders got transfer calls and we live with them so we stood by the door and listened.....I am getting transferred to Salisbury, NC and will be getting an new companion named Elder Grieves, don't know much about either but I have talked to Elder Grieves a couple times and he seems awesome.  He is a super good wake boarder I guess so I think this transfer is going to be super fun and I'm praying that we will see success in our efforts.

I realized I that I love missionary work, sometimes I don't think it because it's hard, but it makes me happy to see others coming to Christ.

I'm a little nervous to be in a new area and adjust to everything there, but it will be a good growing experience. I don't know much about Salisbury but I am excited. Winston-Salem is one of the biggest cities in the mission so it will be so weird being out of the city. Also I will be leaving the 4 man apartment....I'm bummed about that because we have gotten so close here, Elder Murray from Rexburg--he goes home this next transfer, Elder Bishop from Saint George, and Elder Montandon, of course. 

We had zone conference this week on Thursday which was really great. I got to see Elder Zesiger again which is always so fun. It's too bad--I'm getting transferred to his zone and he is getting transferred to my Zone haha. We had a lot of really good trainings in the conference, we had a bunch on planning and how we can plan better with more effective plans. 

Also I think it was Thursday, not sure, we met with Laird that night. Laird has been coming to church with us for the last couple weeks and wants to be baptized.  He is just moving back to Texas the 14th. Well we thought we'd ask him if he would want to be baptized the 11th before he goes or the 14th, well he lit up and wanted to be baptized as quick as he can. It was amazing to hear how he has learned and come to know the church is true. He is very Catholic and has studied a lot of religious books, he has such a strong relationship with the Savior and realized he needed to join our church because it was the closest to Christ's church the way it's set up. He is also just such a great man and a friend. Once I told him I was leaving, he went to his kitchen  and he knew I liked ducks and he gave me little duck figurine.  It was so nice.  It was a Pintail,  beautiful duck if anyone knows haha. 

That reminds me, I'm so happy for the Brunsons. Sounds like they're doing so well, words can't describe how happy that makes me, they're the nicest family and Spencer's the best! 
Mom, That's so funny that you knew the missionary, hopefully he can put a good word into his dad haha. There is this big stadium here and I think the Triple A White Sox play there and we drive by and see them playing and it makes we want to be out there haha.

We just got done hiking Hanging Rock and then hiking to some waterfalls here it was a sweet. I'll send pictures. I also took some pictures with a couple members here. 

Love you so much! 
Elder Morgan


Did you get my package?
I loved it! Thank you so much, I loved the peanut butter bars and the ties are awesome! 
Did you like it?!
Loved it!!
Tell us all about transfers
Tuesday I head to Salisbury to meet my companion, Elder Grieves and Elder Montandon  (my son) picks up his new companion named Elder Morgan haha yes same name. 
Who is your companion?  
Where is he from? Tell us about him...
He is from somewhere in Idaho and he seems nice, he wake boards. 
Do you know your new address?
Don't know the address but I'll send it next week when I do find out. 
What do you need?
I'm all set right now thank you! 
How is your health?
Health is good I'm starting at gain some weight actually haha little bit of fat and muscle. 
How are you doing in budgeting your money?
Really good actually, I have left over from last month. 
If you move--do you have enough room for all of your stuff?  
Ya i have enough space I think. I'm not a master packer like you, mom, but I think I can do it. 

I'm so proud of you. So proud of your attitude. So proud of your example and your testimony. You are an inspiration to me and to so many others.  Thank you so much. 

Good bye Winston-Salem

Huan Huan 

The Money's 

Monday, January 30, 2017

1/30/17... Its been a big week--Laird is getting baptized, we had interviews with President, and missionaries all over the world have a new schedule...

This dogs name is Chloe and I think she is the exact breed Chloe was
This was a great week!  
Had interviews with President which is always awesome!

Not too much exciting stuff happened this weekend unfortunately, but it was good and we saw some miracles. 

Monday we went and played some basketball at the church, which was really fun. We also played Risk and just hung out which was fun. Monday night we hopped on the bus and went downtown to talk to people get the bus schedules so we could ride the bus around this week. Well we found out riding the bus takes lots of planning and time haha but we did see some miracle on the buses. One day we rode to get to the area we wanted to be in and on our way back we saw a lady that we had talked to the week before. She approached us and asked us if we were from Utah because she was going to the Family History Center in Salt Lake. We were super excited to talk to her about it. She had been antied a bit in the past so it took a bit for her to warm up, but she was super excited when we told her we have a Family History Center in our church building. She said she just got her DNA results back for her history. It was awesome, she also knows a couple ladies in the ward so that's exciting. 

Tuesday we had interviews with President! I love interviews, President is the most amazing person, you can't help but feel the spirit and be happy when you're around him! He asked everyone 3 questions: 
     --How are you're personal prayers? 
     --How is you're scripture study? 
     --How do you take the Sacrament? 
He said these are 3 questions you can always ask yourself to always be feeding your testimony. He also said some really nice things about me and said he expects a lot from me. I told him I'm up for the challenge. He always asks if we have questions, I asked him about schooling.  He was a businessman, and I'd considered going into business so I'd thought I'd ask him about it. He had some awesome insight that will help me decide what I want to study. 

We had a lesson with Laird later and had some members with us.  He was awesome and is progressing so well, he knows it's all true and wants to be baptized. He is moving back home Feb 14th if he can't find a job. We are going to ask him tomorrow if he wants to be baptized before he leaves or wait until he gets to Texas. But he's an awesome man. 

Wednesday was pretty crazy for missionaries around the world. We had district meeting like usual then had some pizza before we watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. They announced that they are changing our schedule as missionaries. Our morning schedule is not structured and we decide when we want to study and plan, planning is now in the morning instead of at night which  is nice. Then p day also changed a bit, you study and plan for an hour and then p-day starts at 8 so we have 2 extra hours to do stuff.  It's nice so far haha! 

The rest of the week not a ton happened just regular norm stuff. Tried to stay busy, we did more finding this week in that time and unfortunately weren't able to find anyone, but it just means we gotta try harder and the Lord will bless us. 

Sunday was great though!  It's always so great to take the Sacrament and just feel refreshed and feel the spirit. Laird came to church, and so did our friend, not investigators unfortunately,  Bill Oliver. Bill is a Catholic and loves Mormons, knows it's true but believes so firmly in the Catholic Church which is fine.  He has strong faith, which is great. Also Huan Huan got the priesthood! He is so amazing and loves the gospel it's so amazing to witness it! 

P day should be really fun, I'm trying to hit all the cool things in Winston in case I'm leaving next week. 
Elder Bishop and I 
Do the other areas have 4 guys to an apartment as well?  or are there some with just 2 of you?  
Nope there's only 2 in the mission and I got lucky enough to be in one for 6 months!
When do you talk to your mission president?
Last Tuesday 
Have you had much interaction with him?
Sort of not a ton but we email him every week. 
I talked to Sam Szendre today at church.  He leaves for his mission to Mexico in 3 weeks... do you have any advice for him?  
Just be ready to work hard. No of course study the scriptures and preach my gospel. Thats really all you need to do to prepare.
Is there anything you wish you brought or wish you didn't bring?
Not that I can think of! 
I'll take pics today and send some! 

Love you so much! 
Elder Morgan 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

1/23/17... A lot of miracles are happing in our area we are so excited! We found 5 new investigators this week!

Sweet pond that had ducks landing in it. 

This week was great! A lot of miracles are happing in our area we are so excited! We found 5 new investigators this week! We were really excited. And put another person on date. I'll explain more, but first I wanted to answer one of my madres questions: What was the most spiritual thing that happened this week? 

Tuesday I think it was, Elder Montandon and I were doing some finding in the evening and we had scheduled to see this lady named Debra, she is 7th Day Adventist but loves talking about Christ like most people here, and just the nicest lady, and had asked us to give here all the pamphlets last time we saw her. We knock on her door she and her husband are sitting there and they let us in. We start talking about their religious background and they turned there lives around and wanted to follow Christ. We eventually get into the Book of Mormon, and we started talking and Elder Montandon was explaining what it was. I was sitting there just thinking to myself wow what an amazing experience and opportunity I have to be here. Here we are, two, 18 and 19 yr old boys testifying of the Book of Mormon to two, 7th Day Adventists that love Christ. I was just reflecting on that and how great it is. They were very interested and said they would read it for there morning studies, it was amazing! 

It might of been later that night we went to a former investigators house and we knock on the door and this guy comes running out, his first question was if we believed in Jesus Christ and we said yes of course, thinking we were just going to get some stupid argument about something. Well the guy was pretty intoxicated so we didnt teach anything just listened to his life story and he was so interested in us coming back he gave us his number and email it was pretty funny. 

We went back to follow up with the guy that was on drugs, and talk to his mom and the guy seemed sober at first but we realized his brain must just be fried from drugs because he kept talking in 3rd person and stuff it was hilarious. 

Update on Huan Huan, he went to china for a month and came back. He found the church there and said its really small but that he loved it because they actually spoke chinese haha. But guess what? He is already sharing the gospel! He has a friend that he wants us to start teaching this week! We are so excited for how well he is doing and his excitement about the gospel. 

We got fed a lot this week it was nice haha i have started to do a workout app in the morning because i have been eating so much and we barely get to workout. But i named it EJ burnouts of course to represent the bandit boys in NC. 

We were able to teach more lessons this week which was really nice. I went on exchange with Elder Barton on Friday to Bethania. Elder Barton is super quiet and Mom, you know that I'm not one to chat anyone's ear off... haha. But we talked quite a bit and it was pretty fun. We rode the bus which was smart, then we went and bought bus passes so we could use them in our area. 

I just finished the Book of Mormon again and then wrote my testimony and how its grown since the last time I read it. It was really nice reflect on it and see how much its grown. I love the Doctrine of Christ, its simple and so amazing. I read and marked a pass along book of Mormon so i think ill send it home to y'all. 

Are you ready for another Amazon Pantry? 
 ummm I would probably hold off.  Transfers are Feb 7th and there's a good chance I'll be transferred. It's pretty uncommon to stay 7.5 months in your first area.
What were your favorites? 
 Oreos, chips con salsa. 
What do you still have that you don't need more of?
spaghetti os  I have grown out of those things, not too big of a fan anymore haha
Did you send a letter to Gpa Floyd and Gma Phyllis?
I'm pretty sure I did, let me check if the email's correct
Gma Nancy's email is if you could drop her a quick email too.  
yeah i sent one too her, I'll send another though
When are transfers?
Feb 7th
Tell us about a time you felt the Spirit this week.
See above 
Quote or Scripture of the Week. 
Fav scripture and quote of Mormon to his son Moroni that  I read today is Moroni 8:16
"Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." 
Just such a powerful quote that im going to try and apply this week. 
What was the funniest thing that happened this week?
hmmm probably when we were talking to the drunk guy.  He called me Jason Beaver and we were dying... he was hilarious.

Love you mom! 
Elder Morgan

Hey Dad,

I still think it's crazy Trump is in office. We were eating at a restaurant and we saw some riots in DC on the news, they were throwing gas and flash bangs it seemed pretty wild.   
This week was really good! We just saw so many miracles, 5 new investigators, 2 at church. We are just praying that Laird can get a job so he can stay in the area for his baptism! Sad thing is I'll be leaving most likely on Feb 3rd. I'm kind of scared to go to a new area though I'm not sure what it will be like. 

Thats so sweet Tyler and Sarah sound like they got some nice dates. What if they're both married by the time i am home haha that would be crazy! 

I just finished the Book of Mormon and it was awesome.  I just took some time to think about everything and my testimony.  I really just had a spiritual time this morning during my studies, I wrote about the doctrine of Christ and how I need to live it and that you were such a great example of that. I would watch you read your scriptures everyday. And about our family. I think I'll send the book and you can read it. 

Love you, thanks for being such an amazing example to me
Elder Morgan 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/16/17... Miracles, a Crazy Guy, and Mutual Friends!

Hey this week was so fun! And it flew by!  

Last Monday we just had a chill p day and played Risk, I learned that I suck at Risk! Haha 

Tuesday we walked a lot and it was super snowy still, but it was good we taught a couple lessons so it was worth it. Then we walked through dinner at the Day's we they asked us what our plans were after the mission and Elder Montandon brings up construction, well brother Day goes--I know a guy that you can contact when you get back to southern California for construction........he said his name is John Schwab (don't know how to spell it) and I go oh i know a John Schwab. Thinking it was a different person of course..... he pulls up his Facebook, it was the Schwabs!!!!! He was in their ward in the Spokane area. He said they would know who he is, his name is Steven Day. Crazy, small world! Then Sunday came and Brother Cunningham gave the lesson... He said lived in Kennewick 8 years ago and was in the Zintel Canyon Ward. He is related to the McClellons somehow. 

Wednesday we also get a referral from the bishop.  He sends us the man's info and we call him. We set up a time to go over that night. His name is Laird and one of them first things he says is, I think I want to get baptized! Heyyyy we can help with that haha. The only set back is that he is moving back to Texas if he can't get a job by February. So if you y'all wanted to pray for someone it'd be him.  

Thursday was super fun! We usually go do service Tuesday at Habitat for a couple hours. Well this week they had us drive down in their vans to King, NC. They were getting his new building and we had to get it ready for them.  Well we got to DESTROY STUFF!  It was so fun, we just wrecked a bunch of furniture and desks.  We also got to take out a wall. I don't know why it's so fun to just thrash stuff sometimes, but we had a blast.  We also got to destroy a couple old TV'S and we took golf clubs to them.  It was awesome. 

That night we go to head out on our bikes and we see Colby, the guy we met late last Sunday night, walking into Wendy's by our house. He waves us over and tells me to teach him in Wendy's. Well we had a great lesson, it was a little loud in Wendy's which was kinda hard to have the spirit there but he was very interested said he knew it was true. He also set a baptismal date as well! We are really
hopeful for him and he has such a great desire to change! 

Crazy guy story now... I think it might have been Friday night, we are walking to the area we want to be in and we see this guy across the street. He crosses the street and starts walking to us and he was either interested in talking with us or he was asking for money. Well turned out the man was on some crazy drugs and he was tripping so hard. He kept asking us who we were and how he could get home. We decided we would help him get home before he ends up getting hit by a car or something. He was talking to himself and thinking out loud. It was so weird. He tried to read our minds.  But this ended up being a miracle--we ask him if there's someone we can call. He calls his mom, and guess what the number shows up on our phone! It was a guy I taught with Elder Leavitt a couple months ago that we dropped.  Well his mom picks up and I know exactly where they lived so I took the guy home.  We get there and his mom said that she had been asking God to send messengers!  I guess this guy was supposed to lead us to his mom.  Heavenly Father guides us in strange ways sometimes! 

This week we get the car and we are always hyped about that haha. 

Some great things in our area are happening--we were also able to find 3 new investigators the last 2 weeks!  Heavenly Father blesses us as we work hard and have faith! 

Love you all!
Love you mom! 

Elder Morgan