Monday, May 14, 2018

5/14/18... Happy Mother's Day!

This week was a complete blur haha  

All I remember is I went to bed every night exhausted and woke up wishing I had more time to sleep!  We had to take the car into the shop this Thursday because the elders who lived here before us rear ended someone before we got here. So Thursday we lucked up and got to pick up the mission 12 passenger van and drove that the rest of the night. Then Friday we had our zone conference, which was really good. Had a lot of talks on using family history work to find new people to teach, kind of keeping that in our mind. We talked about how we can strengthen our testimonies of it before we share. My testimony has grown a little bit with it when I am helping people do family history and a few names that they didn't know will pop up and fill in and to watch their faces and how they react is pretty cool to watch. I haven't really had that experience for myself, but I hope to one day. I gave a short talk too on being personable yet dignified. I thought there were two main points that stuck out to me about it--one was to be confident that the Lord has blessed each of us with different talents and abilities to bless the lives of others. And two was to remember that our purpose as missionaries is to help people come to Christ. I think it helps you be yourself knowing you're unique and have been placed In a certain place for a reason. And remember the purpose you are here helps you be dignified. Idk I hope it helped someone at least. 

Saturday was a crazy day! Everything seemed to just go wrong haha. I'll walk ya through the day. I tried to patch a hole in my bike tire before studies...because i was racing the other elders in one night and threw my bike over the rail and tried to go through the back door and my tire popped😤. So the patch ripped and my tire was flat again. The assistants dropped us off with our bikes at our first appointment at 10. No answer. Thought we could walk to a close bike shop....nearest on is 3 miles. Walk to a gas station thinking they'll have one and it didn't work. Tried family dollar, nothing. As we were walking out, a guy yelled and told us he has a compressor in his truck! This man is a saint. haha  We were so frustrated at this point. His pump could only get it half full so we biked to our next appointment at 12. Had lunch with them too. Their neighbor had a compressor and it wasn't working...then right before we were about to walk to a different bike shop, he runs out with a hand pump that did the job. FINALLY! Then we mobbed to a few people after that, stopped at the church to crack some cold ones ( a dewsky of course). Then biked to our dinner appointment.  It was the 2nd counselor so we had a good talk with him about the missionary work in the ward. Then we met with bishop that night too.  By this time we smelled like pigs. Had a good discussion with him too. Then we got a ride home from the assistants. It was a long day to say the least! 

Then obviously got to top the week off by talking to the fam yesterday which was super fun! So good to see everyone and get to talk.  It was awesome. This week should be super busy again so I'll try and remember what happens, and take lots of pictures, Mom! 

Just got done playing some disc golf. It was pretty fun, I was super tired so I wasn't too into it. I can chuck the friz pretty good I just don't totally know where it's going lol. We're going to help someone move tonight and then have an appointment with Sandra and a lady named Tonya who hopefully we'll be able to have a good lesson with them tonight! 

Love y'all! 
"Live in the now!"

Love you mom 
Elder Morgan 

Monday, April 30, 2018

4/30/18... Little Thailand

This week has been awesome! So much happened and it felt like it was just go go go. The days go by so fast when you finish one thing and then you're late to the next.  It's been a blast though. We haven't killed each other quite yet in the trio (but we've gotten pretty close.) 😂  No, it's been really fun. I've been loving it so far.  

I guess I'll tell y'all a little about the great peeps we are teaching and then some stories that happened this week. 

Sandra-- I think I talked about her last week, but we were able to teach her a few times this last week. She has a testimony that this is true, but we want to help her have a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon to help her strengthen her testimony more. She rewrites the pamphlets we give her and sends them to her son who is in jail right now. She is really solid! We also had a miracle this week. She works a lot of Sundays, so it's hard for her to get off.  But this week her boss told her she'd been working too many hours and he gave her Sunday off, so she came to church yesterday! We taught her with sister Thompson this week whose husband grew up in the Tri-Cities!  It was fun to talk to him about that. He is awesome. 

We are also teaching another family I mentioned last week. Some crazy things happened with them this week.  She was in the hospital for a bit so that was hectic. The mom is doing really well.  She has felt the spirit and recognizes that she is feeling the spirit,  which is really important.  And she has really started to repent on her own without us needing to push her much. They came to church for all 3 hours in Sunday too, which really made our week. When our investigators come to church it makes the whole week feel so much more successful.  So that's good!  I think they liked church a lot. They are progressing right now. I love getting to see the spirit work in other people's lives.  You see small changes almost every time you visit them and that makes me so happy as a missionary getting to see that. 

One of the kids in our ward named Aor is from Thailand.  He joined the church about 4 years ago and is leaving on his mission this Wednesday.  So he spoke in church yesterday and had a little farewell get together at his house. We thought it was going to be just a normal little farewell thing. Nope, this was way better! We walked in and not many people were there--just like his family and none of them speak English besides him. We take our shoes off, and all sit criss cross on the ground. Then all of a sudden loads of Asians keep walking through the door haha. The place was full. Then another guy walks in and I guess he was a preacher. But he get ups and they start having like a Sunday service devotional thing idk...(in another language of course.)  It was awesome watching this happen because we had no idea what the heck was going on. Then he puts his hand on Aor and blesses him. Then he finishes and they bring out food and we had a huge feast just right there on the ground. It was seriously awesome just being able to witness a little of their culture and really not know what was going on. I'll send some pics of it! It made me realize Sarah was probably doing this everyday!
Little Thailand 

Friday we got to go to Gastonia to a baptism of a girl that I taught on exchanges in Gastonia.  She asked if I would say the closing prayer. That was a lot of fun, it was an incredible baptism.  The Spirit was very present.  I got to see elder Zesiger, Destany and the Hickmans.  It was fun seeing them again. Saturday we also got to go to a baptism of a lady named Esmeralda.  I was able to interview her the week earlier and that was awesome.  She found a pass along card and just felt the spirit prompt her strongly to call the number! She was really prepared for this at this time. 

This week is going to be super busy! We have a meeting all day on Tuesday, interviews on Wednesday and then a bunch of stuff to do the rest of the weekend. So I'll probably blink and be writing a letter again next week. 

Love y'all!
Love you momma!
Elder Anderson zonkin out in the car 😂

Did you make the chocolate chip cookies?  How did they turn out?  I'll put some chocolate chips and stuff in your Amazon Pantry box.  
Ya we made them! They didn't turn out super good lol. Burned one batch and underdid (if that's a word haha) the second. In my defense Elder Hull wouldn't let me touch the baking process, so I'm blaming him 😂

Did you get my little house warming package?
Ya I got it! Thank you so much, you are a life saver!!

Did you get the shirts?  Do they fit?
I haven't gotten them yet! We've checked most days, but nothing yet. 

Have you heard from your coach about housing?  
No I haven't. He will let us know probably. 

Do you know I love you???
Yesh of course!

Is there anything I can do for YOU???
Ummmm have you looked at my classes much yet? We get to Skype next week too, we could talk about that! 
Built a fire last night haha 

Monday, April 16, 2018

4/16/18... Transfer to Reedy Creek with Elder Hull AND Elder Anderson

Sooooo hello everyone!!  

This week has been one for the books for sure. Tuesday night around 8:50p, right when we thought we were off the hook, we got a call from President and he told us I was getting transferred. So right now I am in Reedy Creek, and I'm so stoked! This is one of the most coveted areas in the mission!  It has almost all of uptown Charlotte in it and east of Charlotte. It's going to be so much fun. Saturday we were driving to go see someone and we were in uptown and it was just crazy. The city was packed and on one of the corners was a big black Israelite stand. I don't know much about them, but I know they hate us... haha They don't like the missionaries.  They were all dressed like they were ready for war and had speakers and a microphone just preaching. But I'm almost 90% sure if we would have gotten out of the car, we could have been shot instantly... haha. It was something you would see on a movie, honestly. 

Tuesday I can't even remember what happened really.  All I remember is that a member took us to Golden Corral and it feels like it was a year ago already. Then Wednesday was pretty busy.  We went to say goodbye to as many people as we could and had a few lessons in the afternoon. Shelby was definitely my hardest area to leave, mostly because I know that I am going into my last area and I'll probably finish here. It just hit me more as I was packing. I will miss a lot of the people from Shelby and I'm so grateful for the experiences that I had and the people I got to meet and be a part of their lives. Shelby is a great place, I'll never forget my time there. I got to say goodbye to the Hickmans and the Simpsons, Tom and Destany and everyone else. Brother Camp drove us down to Charlotte on Thursday. 

This week has been such a blast though.  My new companions--yes, plural--are Elder Hull and Elder Anderson. They are a ton of fun and we have been having a really good time. I think there is a good chance that we will even be together for the rest of my time. After the Gladys Knight event, Reedy Creek got the most referrals. 26! So we have been seriously running around like crazy trying to give the gift bags to them all and teach them more. It's been really busy. We met a family this week who we are really excited about. We got to talking with the mom and she is just really set on getting on the right path with her and her family. She has 3 kids and they started to read the scriptures at night and say family prayer together. We had a ride for them and everything to church, but she ended up getting called into work last minute.  It's always interesting getting to know the members of the ward in a new place. They weren't super welcoming at the start, so we really are hoping to get the member trust up this transfer because it is so key to have a good relationship with the ward. I'm really excited to be here and see what the Lord has in store for us. 

Overall it was a great week, I'm sad to leave Shelby but it'll be a good time to grow and be in a new place. 

Love y'all!
Love you mom 

Here is my new address: 
6022 Apt. D Delta Crossing Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28212 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

4/9/18... The Gladys Knight show and splits with the one and only Elder Montandon!

Picture from the Gladys Knight show!
Elder Zesiger, Withers, Dana, Montandon, and Arias and Osborne. The whole district.
The girls are Haley, a recent convert, Ali, who is getting baptized, and Destany.

This week has definitely been eventful! We had the Gladys Knight show this Saturday. So, Gladys goes around and does these shows in chapels.  It's a good way to feel the spirit while listening to some gospel music while she shares her testimony of the restored gospel. It was incredible. The choir was so good. They sang some really good songs that had everyone shouting and clapping which most of y'all know is not like our normal hymns at church! We went to the 4 pm show and the 7:30pm show because we had some people from Shelby come to both. It was so lit tho.  haha. There were some young kids in the choir as well who sang and it blew my mind how good they were. One kid played the ukulele and sang The Lord is my Light.  It was way good--I think it inspired me to bare down and learn how to play the ukulele when I get home.  Before my mission, every time I picked it up, I got frustrated. haha. It was some good music though and so fun-- was almost like we got to go to a concert haha. But on the other hand, she bore a super powerful testimony of the Savior and the gospel. Her husband spoke too and he was hilarious, but he also bore a really powerful testimony of his conversion and the restored gospel! I think we got 6 or 7 referrals from it too, so we are stoked to go follow up with the people.

Also, this week, I got to go on exchanges with the one and only Elder Montandon!! It was super fun being with him again.  He has grown a lot since last time we were companions. It's also been almost a year and a half! We had a really good time. Oh… and idk if I told y'all...he got switched to a Spanish elder! Probably because his trainer didn't do well enough teaching him in English ;)  We taught a lesson in Spanish and I kind of just sat there and talked English to the kids every couple minutes. Sometimes when I was with Elder Johnsen, I would get pretty sleepy in those Spanish lessons lol. Then we taught a girl named Allie at their bishop's house.  It was a really powerful lesson.  She's going to get baptized at the end of this month and she's good friends with Destany and Haley. It's pretty incredible the story that those 3 girls have. Destany had to overcome a lot of opposition and she was able to help Haley overcome her opposition before joining the church now they both are able to help Allie who is getting a lot of opposition as well. The Lord has incredible timing, and it's a blessing to get to witness His hand in this work. 

Monday, we had a really good lesson with a lady named Toni. We went over and she opened up to us a little bit and she talked about how she had a spirit in her house that was kind of tormenting her. We helped her with that and then had a lesson. I'm so grateful that I get to teach people about the restoration and how it's blessed my life. 

Right now, we are playing some basketball for pday and we went and threw earlier. We've been going out in the mornings to throw sometimes which has been a lot of fun. 

Love y'all!
Love you mom!
Saw Amanda again!
This sister said she knows y'all!
She was in the YSA ward in Kennewick or something!
Small world!


When are transfers?  
They are this week! We find out tomorrow night probably about what's going down. I have no idea what's going to happen tho. It's probably a 50/50 of I stay or if I go. 
Do you need anything??  
I'm pretty good right now thanks!
Have you heard anymore from your coach?  
Ya he sent an email out last week about classes and schedules, pretty much the exact same thing that you got. 
I really don't know. I need you to send me the options. I know I want to try and take some business and leadership classes.
I am going to call that school counselor, Paul-something?  and get you registered...
Ok thank you, could you send me the options this week so I can think on it a bit. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

4/2/18... General Conference was incredible!

Dinner after Haley's baptism
I can't believe how fast the weeks are going by! It is crazy! I guess a lot happened this week! 
General Conference was incredible! I can't wait for the day when there will be a temple in Charlotte!

I had a few opportunities this week where we were asked to give priesthood blessings. One we got called to go give a lady who wasn't a member a blessing in the hospital and we had a member come with us. She was super nice she just wanted to get out of the hospital so bad.  I could just see it was exactly like what Grandpa Morgan was probably doing! Bless his heart! She didn't want want us to give her a blessing, but we were able to pray with her. We had a similar experience later in the week with a guy named Tim, who was in the hospital all week from a  seizure. We felt prompted to ask if he would like a blessing, he said no, but we were also able to pray with him. I'm grateful for the priesthood to be able to at least offer service and help from our Heavenly Father. The experiences I've had on my mission with the priesthood have strengthened my faith in the Savior so much.  It's made me want to be a better person to try my best to be worthy of such a great blessing. 

We had a zone conference on Friday.  We drove down to Gastonia. It was really good, there were some powerful talks given by the assistants and President and Sister Alexander.  They all talked about families, and the ministering of angels. I've learned a lot more about the ministering of angels on my mission, and they are just as involved in this work as we are. That is something we can always have comfort in, angels will be round about us as we submit our will to the Lord's.  

We also got prepared for the Gladys Knight event and we learned how to approach people when they order a free gift bag and stuff.  Then we got to watch a few of her concert songs so we could know what to expect! It was pretty funny watching the Pipps... haha.  I would so dress up as the Pipps for a talent show.  They had some mean moves!  

That night we got to go to Haley's baptism who is in Gastonia.  She is Destany's age and Destany had been fellowshipping her and helped her a lot.  We went down there and got some dinner with them afterwards at Showmars. 

Obviously for those that watched General Conference... it was kind boggling! So many things got announced. The Spirit was strong and testified of the true and living church that continues to make adjustments to help us become better people and prepare the way for the Savior. The whole time I was impressed by the urgency to hasten the work that the brethren of the 12 have! It's incredible! My favorite talk was by Elder Durrant on Saturday. The importance of teaching in the home. It stuck out to me a lot, I'm grateful to have parents that taught me and were great examples. 

For Pday, we just got done playing gatorball, which y'all would love it's a little like solleyball! Except no volleyball. You play on a soccer field and you can kick it or throw it in the goal.  You can catch it in the air and run with it. It was pretty intense, there's a lot of fun elders in this zone, so it got heated! Now we are about to play some b ball @ the church. 

Love y'all, 
Love you mom, 
Elder Morgan 
Pic of the fresh cut today

Do you need anything?
I'm doing great! I'm trying to budget better and not ask for money so that I can be better at budgeting when I get home :) 
How is the pilot program going?
It's great
Are you still not tracting at all? Or how are you finding?
Well we don't call it tracting--they don't like that word, but we do knock on quite a bit of doors still. We go around people that we know or want to see and we find through members where we help them share the gospel, which is most effective right now. We'll have a lot of opportunities after the Gladys Knight event too 
Conner Olsens mission just got on Facebook and got smart phones too!
The main things is Facebook Messenger and being able to contact people over Facebook.  Our mission doesn't do much with the actual Facebook part right now. But I heard some do a lot more than us so he could be using it a lot or just a little. 
How is Elder Osbourne?
He is doing a lot better-- I'm impressed with how well he's stepped it up--Heavenly Father definitely is aware of what's happening. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

2/5/18... Shelby is pretty great... and Destany is super stoked to get baptized!


A lot happened this week! 

Tuesday a member needed our help doing a bunch of stuff so we got to go split a bunch of wood and things. It was fun doing that stuff, everyone out here has a good amount of land and usually some chickens and other livestock. I think I want some chickens one day, it'd be so fun having chickens! 

On Wednesdays we usually have coordination with our ward mission leader and it's also mutual for the youth.  Destany comes to the youth night's, so we had her try on her baptismal suit and she was showing it off to everyone.  She is super stoked to get baptized. Unfortunately she has been getting a lot of people resisting her getting baptized, that have a lot of false information about the church. Satan tries so hard especially out here in the south to spread false information. But she is taking it really well, and staying strong. It would be pretty hard having family not support you.  I think it was Amulek who had to give up all his money and friends and family because he knew it was more important to follow Heavenly Father. 

Saturday.....this is crazy! So remember the family that walked into church last Sunday?  The mom just came from the Philippines, I told her one of my really good friends is in the Philippines right now.  She told me told me she is in the Sevilla area and I realized he is there right now! So she was so stoked to see that he was in her area. It was so crazy! We had dinner with them and it was a really good time. We taught the restoration and he loved it. He doesn't have much of a religious background so it was a lot different teaching and helping him understand, because we break it down a lot more. Then we also taught them Sunday, we broke down the Godhead, and talked about prayer. The wife wants us to teach all the lessons like right off the bat, but there is no way he will understand all of it if we firehose him. So we are slowing it down. But he is progressing well right now!

The weather called for ice on Sunday so church got cancelled and then it just rained and it wasn't even icy, so we had no church unfortunately which was a bummer. You recognize a difference when you can't partake of the sacrament, you feel like something is missing when you don't. 


How is the pilot program going?  
It's going really well.  We wouldn't be having a baptism in February if we weren't able to teach Destany over Facebook messenger so its a huge blessing!

Is the Face Timing lessons part of it?  

What would you say are the biggest changes positive and negative from before, now that you've been doing it for awhile?
You can teach more lessons, save miles on the car and when people only have like 15 minutes you can just call them over video and have a short lesson. Negatives would probably be you aren't out and about, most of the time you teach in your apartment when you call. 

I know it is off in the future, but have you decided with your mission pres about your release date?  
He just said whenever from 4 weeks, just let him know. 

When are transfers again?
March 1st so a few more weeks. 

How are you liking Shelby? 
Shelby is pretty great, the people are super nice. It's a very southern area so people are super Baptist most of the time but we are using family history more and helping people do family history actually. 

Quote of the week
People are joining the church because of the prayers of their deceased ancestors. 

Love y'all so much!
Love you mom!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

1/22/18... The week was going pretty good, until it got rudely interrupted by the flu.

I currently have the flu so thatll tell ya how part of this week has gone unfortunately. I started to get sick Friday and Saturday and then Sunday it just got worse so I was in bed all day, then today im still not feeling too great. But before that the week was going pretty good, until it got rudely interrupted by the flu. 

Transfers were this week, but we aren't going anywhere so nothing was different for us.

It snowed this week again, it was crazy! It snowed about 4 inches one day, which is a ton of snow for here... they pretty much closed school down for 3 days, and after 1 day almost all of it was gone. You drive down the road and you just see wreck after wreck from people that don't know how to drive in the snow, it's ridiculous! Also whenever it snows all the eggs, milk, and bread get bought out of almost every store. Why those 3? No idea! Every time though.  

We were able to teach Destany over video chat.  It was so nice to do that, because we haven't been able to teach her really at all because of their schedule. But with video chat we can teach her 3 times a week no problem. So it's definitely a blessing to have technology in our mission. She is so great too.  She loves the temple, she loves how pure it is and she wants to go. Yesterday we had to cancel our lesson because I was sick and she said, "oh ya sorry I forgot I was working on my personal progress."  She just loves the gospel and it's amazing to be able to watch her learn so quickly. She understand the gospel a lot better than a lot of adults, it seems. It's been an inspiration to me really.  She is 15 and is standing up to her friends that give her anti because she just picks up on truth so quickly. She carries a 13 articles of faith card so she can tell people that try and tell her what we believe, what we actually believe. It's amazing. So that has definitely been the highlight of my week being able to teach her. We will probably figure out this week when she wants to get baptized. 

Friday we went out with brother Hickman and visited a lot of people in a town called Cherryvillle, pronounced chur-vul. And it was a ton of fun.  We met a lot of new people.  We pulled up to this one house full of just thugs and they totally thought I was a cop so they started asking me questions and stuff.  We ended up giving a lot them copies of the Book of Mormon and then we told them when we come back we'll beat them in some streetball haha . They talked a lot of smack after that. 

Saturday I was feeling terrible but we were still out trying to find some people and we had 3 people that we talked to say they wanted to come to church Sunday. Now I don't think any of them went but maybe if we are able to teach them this week more they'll start to come!

How is your comp?
He's doing great.  He is such a good guy.  He really just wants to learn. He studies whenever he has extra time too. He plays a ton of sports so he likes to play catch on Mondays when I don't have the flu lol. 

Looks like you are going to have a nice warm day tomorrow--60!  We are too but only 50!  but that is WAY better than the 30s!!!  
Are you staying warm enough?? 

Ya I'm good on winter clothes!

 Did you exchange the ginormous camo thermals at Walmart?
Can I exchange them without a receipt or anything though!?

Are you ready for another Amazon Pantry box?  
   --Requests?  Things you don't want or you have enough of?
We are pretty good right now--We still are eating the last one! Thank you though! 

Love y'all!
Love you mom!