Thursday, March 2, 2017

2/27/17... Salisbury is da bess

Hey maw 

This week was really good! It seems like all the things I want to write about just vanish from my brain whenever I write. Oh well I'll try my best because this week was awesome! 

So I'll start out with talkin about this lady named Donna. So we were knocking a couple doors in between appointments last week and we knock this little group appartment home place where you go inside a bond there's 4 appartments. We knock them all, no answers. We walk out and hear this lady call to us from inside. We go in talk to her a bit and she ended up saying we could come back and share a message with her. So a couple days later we go back to teach her the restoration, it was going so good and we start going into the first vision, right off the bat she goes, Nope... not true that man is a false prophet and did all these bad things.  So we were like well you don't know unless you try, so we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it with an open heart, so she said she would read. A couple days later we text her confirming our appointment and she texted back and said she is so fascinated and wants to learn more, and that she just couldn't stop crying after she read. So we go over and her whole home just felt different she looked better and said she just has such a strong desire to change, to be a better mom and stuff and she wanted to quit drinking. Then a couple days later we text her to confirm another appointment and she says today was the first day she didn't drink in 14 years! Can you believe that! 14 years!  She is on fire now and has read almost all of 1 Nephi. She came to Debbie's baptism this Saturday, loved it. Then she came to church this Sunday and brought her 16yr old friend named Alexis and they loved it! It's still going to be a battle for her to quit some stuff but I have so much faith that she can do it! 

Debbie's baptism was so good... she is such an amazing person.  We were so excited for her and she was even more excited! She wants to go to the temple as soon as she can too! Also.....side note but Laird from Winston got baptized a couple days after I left and got the priesthood, got his temple recommend and has gone to the temple already! He is on fire it made me so happy to hear that he was doing so good! 

Saturday night we had dinner at Bishop Daines house and we had some super good burgers that he smoked. Denzel and Myiesha and their kids came and it was so good! We had such a fun lesson with them outside around a campfire; it was so fun! They want to quit smoking  and get baptized and they committed to do both Saturday and said they'd be at church for sure, we'll unfortunately they didn't come to church, it was a little bit of a bummer but we're hoping they still will quit smoking this Wednesday. 

Things are going great with my companion we get along really well, I think our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other well which is super nice for teaching and stuff. Living with one guy is really weird now haha, but it's kinda nice, it's quieter and you kind of have more time to study on your free time. 

How is Elder Grieves?   Tell us more about him and how you two are doing in your new companionship.
Super great 
Have you perfected your Southern accent?
Not at all, I wish though! Maybe in a year and a half I will have it down. 
Take pics of your apartment and your city... 
How big is your area?  
It's a huge area, it probably takes an hour to drive from one side to the other. It's more country too so i love it! 
How many missionaries are in Salisbury?
Just us 2. 
Do you need anything?
Naw don't think so 
What was your most spiritual experience this week?
This week we had zone meeting and we talked about charity and treating people like family. We did a role play where we picked a family member and pretended that they went less was so powerful. And of course I don't cry because I'm a man but I'll just say it was hard for me to get through it, it changed me whole perspective on how I need to look at others. Our mission president said the key to our mission rising is charity, so that what I've been working on. 

Love you ! 
Elder Morgan