Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9/12/16... We exceeded all our goals this week. I was so happy...

Howdy my dudes

We had such an awesome week it has been so fun. The week flew by so quick only because it was car week probably and we got to enjoy the A.C but about an hour ago we got switched to a tri-share which is 3 companions share 2 cars so we will bike this next week and car the next 2 weeks.

Last monday night we went to a less active lady named Barbara and it was so funny, she is totally a baptist-mormon (theres a lot of those here) they shout amen and stuff during sacrament. it is so funny. But i think this lady had been to a baptist church since the day she was baptized, she totally had no idea what the Godhead was and how Heavenly Father and Jesus were separate beings so it was kinda funny and she was yellin at us and stuff preachin her stuff. Then we of course had a prayer circle, they happen to us all the time here, hold hands in a circle and they pray its super funny sometimes but they love God so much its great.

I don't think i've mentioned Larry yet. He had it all, he owned 6 mercedes dealerships, harleys, world class billiards player, big house, smokin wife, had it all.  6 years ago he had a stroke and his wife divorced him took his house money and kids, his left arm is paralyzed and he cant read or write anymore... just devastating. He is such a humbled man now, he cant say what he is thinking so we finish his sentences all the time, he is amazing though, we just downloaded the Book of Mormon on CDs so he can listen to them. i cant imagine what it would be like in his situation. He is such a great person. He has such a weird sleep schedule, sleeps during the day and is awake at night so its really hard for him to come to church but i think we're just going to jump on him before church and wake him up one day.

Wedensdays highlight was dinner with the Royals who fed us steak and some other great food! They are both converts and he was excommunicated earlier and was baptized last year, repentance is so real and its so awesome to see him do that.
We have such a different ward, most of them are medical students at wake forest so they don't know a lot of people to give us referrals but they're super fun they're all newlyweds and stuff.

We had a zone meeting Friday and it was so crazy.  the Zone leaders in our apartment spent so much time planning and it was so fun! It was called fight club, first rule we don't talk about fight club only the gospel. Then the 5 trainings were find-kwan-doe, plan-to-hand combat, karateach, tag team, and Master missionaries.... we wrote all the things keeping us back from being masters on a board and the we all broke the boards later it was pretty fun!
Fight Club Zone Meeting

A miracle we saw this week was we weren't having much success one day so we just thought we'd say a prayer and we looked for people to go try and find and about 30 minutes later we found someone. we had no idea where she came from or who she was, just popped up on our area book so we went to go see her and we taught the restoration and it was so awesome. she said she'd read the book and pray about it and she said she was waiting for us to come for a while.  it was so cool it was such a good feeling after that.

But overall it was an awesome week, i went on exchange with Elder Ball on thursday but i was bummed-- all our new investigators 2nd lessons were on thursdsay, so i missed those.  But they all went well, i guess, which is awesome. 

We exceeded all our goals this week. i was so happy... we found 4 new investigators 10 lessons, and 2 at churh plus 2 less actives at church it was so cool to see!

2  of the best things that are in North Carolina...Watermelon shakes and hush puppies.  Cook Out is fast food and they have the best shakes i have ever had.....ever.  They are amazing. 

Love you all so much

sorry it took so long to write--we kept playing basketball and they kept making me stop writing so we could play.
We also played Dominion today card game that is really fun, and strategic.

Love you so much mom!  Have an awesome week!
our zone activity, we went to a park and played kickball and roasted some dogs
(Classic Brad--Photo Bombing in the back!)
Elder Mauts is the one in the chair, he has 5 generations.....he trained 2 people  they trained my trainer, and then he trained me, and he goes home in a couple weeks so we got a pic.
The Faulkners showed me his new toy he got...that was on exchange

Did you get your packages??
I got one package, the protein.  but i think there is still one i need to pick up and ill be able to pick it up tomorrow probably!

Do you want/ need anything else?  
I cant think of anything else right now....maybe work on putting some music together for me. Just stuff that brings the spirit, put ukelele church songs and stuff like "how can i be", maybe have sarah do that. 

Do you have enough ties?  or what type/color would you want?
I dont have a lot of ties. If you did send some, dont send any crazy ones that would stand out or no fat ties. I like the one i got at called to surf--i like those ones. 

Excerpts from Brad's letter to Jeff:

HEYYYY papi 
I hope Yall are ready for that bike tip it sounds like it is going to be really hard but im sure it will be a blast, you and mom always have such a great time on those youll love it.
I got the Mass Gainer...thank you for that.  i'll keep you updated on my weight progress, i am 165 right now and thats better than i ever was before.
Ill tell more about some of the miracles this week in my other letter but we had so many this week it was amazing. I am so excited that you shared that scripture... i love it and have memorized it , it is our mission scripture and it has meant a lot to me. It brings a new meaning to being a true disciple of christ. i have strived my best to do that while i have been here.  
3 Ne 5:13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.
The other elders are amazing in my apartment and have helped me realized how i can become a better disciple of christ. The Lord prepared a lot of people this week to hear our message and we  taught a restoration lesson that the spirit was so strong and it just made me feel so good about being a missionary and what our purpose is to be here! i love it 
Thanks for the updates i hope yall are doing so well. How is parker doing being the only kid?
Crazy about byu and utah i bet you were a little fired up haha,
love you so much and want to thank you for being an amazing parent and great example of a great priesthood holder
Elder Morgan 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

9/5/16... Bikeeeee Weeeeekkkk

Bikeeeee Weeeeekkkk
I thought this week was going to be so hard with biking and the heat and humidity and everything but it ended up being sooo good!
Basketball monday was so fun i almost dunked in the game it was so fun, there are some ballers in the zone I have not been able to throw yet besides in the mtc, I am going to wait until after winter to throw, just give myself a nice break, but i have been doing bands and stuff to keep my arm in shape. Today we are going to have a zone activity and have a cook out at the park it should be really fun!

one of the worst experiences of my life happened this day. It happened at mcdonalds.......mcnuggets did me so dirty. After district meeting, which was really good, we all went out to had a 50 mcnugget challenge so we all did it and it suckeddddddd so much. 400 NUGGETS between us. i almost threw up after about 40, then we had to get on bikes the rest of the day it was sooo bad. But it was a good time actually... i just felt the effects of it the rest of the week.
mcnuggets did me so dirty 
This week was mostly very hottttt so i was drenched in sweat for most of the day. But this weekend it cooled off a lot and it rained saturday. The thunder here is so awesome the clouds are really low so the thunder is so loud and lightning sounds like bombs its really cool.

We were able to talk to a lot of people because we were on bikes, we try to talk to everyone we see and it payed off. We gave out a lot of restoration pamhlets and got some numbers so hopefully they turn into new investigators this next week. We had some great lessons too. This old couple named the Brusters had some very strange beliefs in everything and he believed that all religions were true so it was tough to help him then he said he hated mitt romney and said he was scum and stuff, that if he walked in here he'd put a bullet in his back haha but they were really nice. A lot of people this week gave us water and stuff were really nice. 

Saturday night was really great also!  We did service for 3 hours earlier helping somebody move, which always takes longer than expected, but they told us theyd take us out to eat wherever we wanted this week so that is pretty exciting! Later saturday night we planned on stopping by 3 houses. We biked pretty far to get there and then we talked to a previous minister who was really nice, he said he did enough time in the church and hasnt been for years haha. Then we had a lesson with a less active. Then we stopped and talked to this nice indian guy who again believed in all religions so its hard to teach people like that but he was very nice, then his drunk buddy at his house wanted to talk with us and he was going off on some weird book of enoch stuff. But we just gave him some pamphlets and said read these when he's not drunk haha. 

Then our last house we talked to Leon who said he was looking for a new church which was perfect, so hopefully this next week he can come to church and we can have another lesson with him. 

This sunday was awesome.  Fasting was tough and i was super hungry but we saw a lot of miracles.  On sunday, Deizy Tellez, who is from Columbia Bogota, came to church, she hadnt been to church in 10 years came with her son who is 10 and i think they really liked it they're were a lot of great testimonies that were shared that were perfect for her to hear. Also her son is 10 and he is going to be baptized this month or early next hopefully which is super exciting. 

Sunday night we got dropped off from the other elders at the area we wanted to bike  and we had a lesson with a less active and a new investigator who we're trying to get to read the book of mormon more. Then later we were walking and i just wanted to turn around and walk the other way so we did and ended up running into a guy named frank who at first didn't want to talk then we introduced ourselves and he opened up and he is producing gospel music and sang to us in the middle of the street and he was actually very good and we are going to call him this week and talk more about the restoration.

Overall super great week had so much fun this week.  me and elder leavitt get along great and i love the other missionaries in our apartment it is so fun all the time!

Love you all so much, love you mom 

Did you end up having a cook out at Byron's?  How is he? 
HAHA no byron is a G though haha he said we could drive his mustang the week we're on bike and we said we cant and he told us to break the rules haha he is awesome but not progressing much hopefully we can get him to church this month.

Take some pics of your apartment... You said people you meet are used to hearing gunshots ... Do you feel safe where you live??
Yes safe its just like any town there is ghetto parts and nice parts, i feel safe.
How is bike riding going for you???  Do your pants work ok for bike riding?  Is your booty SORE? 
Biking wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be i actually like it and hopefully i build some leg muscle, i am now 165 so gained about 7 lbs since i left. Not getting fat though haha 

Have you been able to workout?  How is that going?  Are you throwing at all?
Ya we have wieghts in the appartment and we lift every morning and some nights its good. No throwing yet just working out and doing band work every couple days 
I want to send you a package this week... What are you craving?  And is there anything you need?
Yes please oreos double stuff. Just surprise the rest i guess.
Send me some like triple x mass gainer protien straight from amazon that would be the best!

Scripture / Quote of the week?
Ahhh perfect quote for the week, we listened to an old talk like night about baseball 
"There is no disgrace in falling down, the disgrace is in not gettin back up and laying there" Paul H Dunn
We all fail and especially in missionary work there is a lot of failure, comes with the job but the success brings me so much more happiness that the failures dont matter, i think baseball helped me realizing that failure is just part of life and its how you react and how you improve to the failure that matters. 

talks about baseball and babe ruth... great talk... listen to it for me!

Love Y'all so much 

didnt take a lot of pics... im sorry madre but here is the mcdonalds one, then just a random ghetto cruiser
ghetto cruiser

Excerpts from B's letter to Jeff:

I cant believe that about the branch!! that is such a miracle.
they call this mission the mission of miracles. There are miracles everywhere sometimes we need to open our eyes too see them, i didnt ever see them before my mission but now i see them everywhere! You've had so many miracles with your branch it is awesome...120 people...that is so good! 

Bike week was actually very good and i like it a lot more than i thought i would've. Im getting better everyday at talking to people and bringing up gospel truths that apply to their lives, elder leavitt is really good at it so im trying to learn as fast as i can. 

That is so awesome about the byu game--mom told me about that!
Too bad about the mariners weird they choked at the end they dont ever do that before playoffs haha

It really has gone by fast and i totally noticed exactly what you said the days go by so much quicker if youre trying youre hardest to do missionarywork and loving it.

Send me some triple x mass gainer straight from amazon to here. Protein is so expensive i cant afford it for every month with the money they give us. I  have been eating well too i make eggs or cereal in the morning and then have a sandwhich and some other stuff for lunch and then dinner changes with our schedule and members.
Love you
Elder Morgan 

Friday, September 2, 2016

8/29/16... I am in Winston-Salem!

Plane pic with the new missionaries going to NC

First week where do i begin?
The flight up was very good i loved talking to y'all!

SoOOO i AM IN Winston-Salem! So much history in this town it is crazy we drove by some of the old colonial houses from the 1700 it was pretty neat!

My companions name is Elder Leavitt, he is from colorado and he is pretty cool he likes star wars and stuff no sports or anything but he's great we get along well and hes a great missionary to learn from!
My companion is the short one next to me
We got our assignments and got out so quick i couldnt even think and we went to straght to Winston, there's people here that are from Kennewick and are related to the counselor in the stake presidency, can't remember his name right now. But they were in 1st ward 10 years ago. And then another guy served in Kennewick 4 years ago Spanish speaking though.... pretty cool
So the people here are awesome!!!
I have talked to more people without teeth this week than I have my entire life!
It is insane haha Tyler needs to come down to the south when he is done with school.

Monday we got to the mission home and met president Alexander and sister Alexander and they're so awesome they are the nicest people and really care about everyone. Tuesday we got to the church where we had some training and some other stuff, some more great food! Got to meet some of the other missionaries and then we got our assignments and we were out of there so fast I didn't even get to say bye to the other guys. 

The other days are kind  of a blur so I'll just tell you what happened.

We talked to a lot of cool people, there's a very large African American population here so I met of lot of people that lived in the hood growing up. Byron was one of them and he told us how last week there was a shooting across the street and he didn't even flinch haha crazy. We taught him about the book of Mormon and he thought the scripture we shared was beautiful and he is having us over for a cook out haha ...that's what they call having burgers here but we said as long as there's no alcohol so that would be fun. Then yesterday we talked to a guy named trinard who talked about getting shot and stabbed and was dead and then he came back to life and was kinda crazy but the people here are awesome and I swear everyday we've talked to someone who tells a crazy story.

There's a guy that we teach named David that is just the biggest redneck and you can barely understand him..... most of the people we can barely understand mostly because they mostly don't have teeth haha but David is super nice but he's a big smoker and has a hard time with that and is uncomfortable coming to church has with us. Pretty much everyone here is Baptist there are Baptist churches on every corner it's insane 

Our apartment is pretty good 2 bedroom and we stay with the zone leaders and they are super  cool Elder shultz is 6,6 and Eder mautz said he surfs at Newport everyday. They are both super awesome and have been a big help of me getting into the missionary life and mindset. 

The weather is very hot here.... the humidity makes it worse and you sweat like crazy but when it's a little cooler and it rains it makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii so I like it.
Training is don't do anything really special you just start working like everyone else but we do have an extra hour for study everyday. 

This week we have to bike, we are on a car-share so we bike every other week. So hopefully it cools off soon, when we bike this week. But everyone says bike week is miracle week so it shouldn't be too bad. 
We are currently going to ball at the church which will be much needed. Everybody has been talking trash. I guess there's some pretty good ballers in the zone. Elder Maseo is a lineman for USC he's Tongan and massive haha.....And I just ate at Chipotle because everyone else loves it and I had no choice haha but it wasn't too bad and I ended up liking it. But I'll probably be on the toilet for hours tonight haha

Oh and our address is:
200 Forest Park Circle
Apt 217
Winston Salem, NC 27127

..............I found the EJ burnouts shirt In my luggage hahaha-- my bad (The EJ Burnout shirt was custom made from a couple of his best firends.  He had asked me 3 times to please send him that shirt and I had been going CRAZY searching for it--I went thru every last Goodwill item.  I even called Jill to find out how to get a new one made without anyone knowing!  ...nd that stinker had it all along!!)

Hopefully the Mariners can step it up and hit the ball it sounds like
I can't think of anything right now that I can think of I'll let you know today if there's anything. 

Love you so much ...talking the other day was great!

Elder Morgan!
the Kennewick boys in the MTC

The whole state is so green. that was the view on the plane it was crazy 

 the big part of Winston Salem and the tobacco factories  on the right side.