Monday, January 9, 2017

1/9/17... Snowwww!!!

This week was so great! We are seeing a lot of miracles everyday! Part of those is that we didn't die on the ice the last couple days! 

So we got the car this week which we always love!

So Monday just flew by as does every p-day, but we played some ball, had to go to the mall for Elder Murray's suit. Then we went to dinner at Sister Pruit's with 2 other sisters.  It was great and then we went straight over and visited a less active sister with her son who hasn't been baptized.  We talked about forever families it was so great and she definitely felt the spirit that night. It was such a great start to the week. 

Then that night, 3 other Elders had to come to our apartment to carpool to a meeting with the zone leaders. We had 7 Elders at our apartment Monday night. It was really fun.  I love the other missionaries in our zone.

We had a great day Tuesday as well.  We taught almost 10 lessons which never happens-- it was so awesome!  We also found a new investigator that day.  Also Tuesday we went to a referral from the Spanish sisters--well the guy wasn't there...It turns out they taught him while he was drunk! No wonder he wasn't at the address they gave us haha.

Wednesday was district meeting and it was a pretty slow day.  We were able to have a lesson with some new investigators from a couple weeks ago and it was really good--we taught how the book of Mormon and bible go hand and hand. It really showed me how powerful scriptures are. Alma 31:5  They're more powerful than ANYTHING ELSE!

Friday we went and did service at Habitat which is always great.  It keeps us busy and it really has an impact on people that see us serving there I think. But Friday ended up being really slow, we taught a lesson with the other Elders with a less active lady, and then we had to go get our tire fixed that popped on Monday night. Ya we hit a pot hole and then Elder Montandon and I fixed it pretty quick actually. Well Friday night we ended up finding 2 new investigators--1 seems super solid....she's read the whole book of Mormon! And her son was a new investigator from a couple weeks it was a miracle that we found her! 

So Friday it snowed and we were hyped!  It only snowed about an inch then stopped. Then we woke up Saturday and there was 8 inches!  Elder Bishop, Elder Watson (they were on exchange) and us went and knocked a neighborhood in the morning in the snow... It was so fun!  People freak out when it snows here too--they buy out all the bread and milk.  No one actually knows why, I think people think the roads will be so bad or something.  But in the afternoon they were fine and we drove. 

Then on Sunday church was cancelled because of the ice.  It dropped 6 degrees that night so it iced pretty bad that night.  We had a little testimony meeting in the morning and then went and we drove and the roads were fine. 

Another miracle--we had dinner with a family Saturday and one of the boy's girlfriends was there and I just felt that I needed to ask her if she wanted to meet with us and learn more, well I did and she was really excited to meet with us this next week. Sunday we had dinner at the Money's and ended up being able to teach 3 lessons Sunday night as well which was nice. 

Oh and we also got the cops called on us--this lady that we knocked into thought we were suspicious. She told the police, 2 white males tried to come witness Christianity to me.  It was really funny. 

I have learned a lot just about missionary work and training has helped me learn quicker.  It's mainly been able to strengthen my testimony of the gospel, of the Book of Mormon, of Joseph Smith, and our Savior.   I don't want to go a day in my life without testifying of the Savior. It's strengthened my testimony a lot by sharing it. 

Are you able to work in this weather?  
Yes! I loved it, we just bundled up 
Is it your bike week?
Do you have boots?  Do you want more toe warmers?  What do you need?  
No I really don't need boots my shoes are fine and they'd just take up space. I'm set on toe and hand warmers for life I think!

Do any other Elder's need anything?
The amazon pantry things are really nice for groceries. Send detergent pods without the febreez stuff 

What was the funniest thing that happened this week?  
Hmm the cop story  
What is the most inspiring thing that happened this week?
I read a parable Christ gave, in Mark 12, the wicked husbandman.  Jesus literally reached half the restoration lesson in one parable. I had to disect it pretty good to really understand it. 

Oh my gosh  this is the question I keep forgetting to ask!!!  
How do we open the gun safe??  You are the only one who knows how...  Do you remember???
Yes I told dad and tyler,  
Oh and what is the combination to the padlock you put on the chandelier?  haha  it is still there!!!
No idea what you're talking about in this question haha sorry 

Love you all so much!
Love yeah mom!! 
Elder Morgan 
 Hahahaha some cheesy winter pics......I hate taking pictures!! and shopping 2 of my least favorites 

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