Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/16/17... Miracles, a Crazy Guy, and Mutual Friends!

Hey this week was so fun! And it flew by!  

Last Monday we just had a chill p day and played Risk, I learned that I suck at Risk! Haha 

Tuesday we walked a lot and it was super snowy still, but it was good we taught a couple lessons so it was worth it. Then we walked through dinner at the Day's we they asked us what our plans were after the mission and Elder Montandon brings up construction, well brother Day goes--I know a guy that you can contact when you get back to southern California for construction........he said his name is John Schwab (don't know how to spell it) and I go oh i know a John Schwab. Thinking it was a different person of course..... he pulls up his Facebook, it was the Schwabs!!!!! He was in their ward in the Spokane area. He said they would know who he is, his name is Steven Day. Crazy, small world! Then Sunday came and Brother Cunningham gave the lesson... He said lived in Kennewick 8 years ago and was in the Zintel Canyon Ward. He is related to the McClellons somehow. 

Wednesday we also get a referral from the bishop.  He sends us the man's info and we call him. We set up a time to go over that night. His name is Laird and one of them first things he says is, I think I want to get baptized! Heyyyy we can help with that haha. The only set back is that he is moving back to Texas if he can't get a job by February. So if you y'all wanted to pray for someone it'd be him.  

Thursday was super fun! We usually go do service Tuesday at Habitat for a couple hours. Well this week they had us drive down in their vans to King, NC. They were getting his new building and we had to get it ready for them.  Well we got to DESTROY STUFF!  It was so fun, we just wrecked a bunch of furniture and desks.  We also got to take out a wall. I don't know why it's so fun to just thrash stuff sometimes, but we had a blast.  We also got to destroy a couple old TV'S and we took golf clubs to them.  It was awesome. 

That night we go to head out on our bikes and we see Colby, the guy we met late last Sunday night, walking into Wendy's by our house. He waves us over and tells me to teach him in Wendy's. Well we had a great lesson, it was a little loud in Wendy's which was kinda hard to have the spirit there but he was very interested said he knew it was true. He also set a baptismal date as well! We are really
hopeful for him and he has such a great desire to change! 

Crazy guy story now... I think it might have been Friday night, we are walking to the area we want to be in and we see this guy across the street. He crosses the street and starts walking to us and he was either interested in talking with us or he was asking for money. Well turned out the man was on some crazy drugs and he was tripping so hard. He kept asking us who we were and how he could get home. We decided we would help him get home before he ends up getting hit by a car or something. He was talking to himself and thinking out loud. It was so weird. He tried to read our minds.  But this ended up being a miracle--we ask him if there's someone we can call. He calls his mom, and guess what the number shows up on our phone! It was a guy I taught with Elder Leavitt a couple months ago that we dropped.  Well his mom picks up and I know exactly where they lived so I took the guy home.  We get there and his mom said that she had been asking God to send messengers!  I guess this guy was supposed to lead us to his mom.  Heavenly Father guides us in strange ways sometimes! 

This week we get the car and we are always hyped about that haha. 

Some great things in our area are happening--we were also able to find 3 new investigators the last 2 weeks!  Heavenly Father blesses us as we work hard and have faith! 

Love you all!
Love you mom! 

Elder Morgan

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