Thursday, January 26, 2017

1/23/17... A lot of miracles are happing in our area we are so excited! We found 5 new investigators this week!

Sweet pond that had ducks landing in it. 

This week was great! A lot of miracles are happing in our area we are so excited! We found 5 new investigators this week! We were really excited. And put another person on date. I'll explain more, but first I wanted to answer one of my madres questions: What was the most spiritual thing that happened this week? 

Tuesday I think it was, Elder Montandon and I were doing some finding in the evening and we had scheduled to see this lady named Debra, she is 7th Day Adventist but loves talking about Christ like most people here, and just the nicest lady, and had asked us to give here all the pamphlets last time we saw her. We knock on her door she and her husband are sitting there and they let us in. We start talking about their religious background and they turned there lives around and wanted to follow Christ. We eventually get into the Book of Mormon, and we started talking and Elder Montandon was explaining what it was. I was sitting there just thinking to myself wow what an amazing experience and opportunity I have to be here. Here we are, two, 18 and 19 yr old boys testifying of the Book of Mormon to two, 7th Day Adventists that love Christ. I was just reflecting on that and how great it is. They were very interested and said they would read it for there morning studies, it was amazing! 

It might of been later that night we went to a former investigators house and we knock on the door and this guy comes running out, his first question was if we believed in Jesus Christ and we said yes of course, thinking we were just going to get some stupid argument about something. Well the guy was pretty intoxicated so we didnt teach anything just listened to his life story and he was so interested in us coming back he gave us his number and email it was pretty funny. 

We went back to follow up with the guy that was on drugs, and talk to his mom and the guy seemed sober at first but we realized his brain must just be fried from drugs because he kept talking in 3rd person and stuff it was hilarious. 

Update on Huan Huan, he went to china for a month and came back. He found the church there and said its really small but that he loved it because they actually spoke chinese haha. But guess what? He is already sharing the gospel! He has a friend that he wants us to start teaching this week! We are so excited for how well he is doing and his excitement about the gospel. 

We got fed a lot this week it was nice haha i have started to do a workout app in the morning because i have been eating so much and we barely get to workout. But i named it EJ burnouts of course to represent the bandit boys in NC. 

We were able to teach more lessons this week which was really nice. I went on exchange with Elder Barton on Friday to Bethania. Elder Barton is super quiet and Mom, you know that I'm not one to chat anyone's ear off... haha. But we talked quite a bit and it was pretty fun. We rode the bus which was smart, then we went and bought bus passes so we could use them in our area. 

I just finished the Book of Mormon again and then wrote my testimony and how its grown since the last time I read it. It was really nice reflect on it and see how much its grown. I love the Doctrine of Christ, its simple and so amazing. I read and marked a pass along book of Mormon so i think ill send it home to y'all. 

Are you ready for another Amazon Pantry? 
 ummm I would probably hold off.  Transfers are Feb 7th and there's a good chance I'll be transferred. It's pretty uncommon to stay 7.5 months in your first area.
What were your favorites? 
 Oreos, chips con salsa. 
What do you still have that you don't need more of?
spaghetti os  I have grown out of those things, not too big of a fan anymore haha
Did you send a letter to Gpa Floyd and Gma Phyllis?
I'm pretty sure I did, let me check if the email's correct
Gma Nancy's email is if you could drop her a quick email too.  
yeah i sent one too her, I'll send another though
When are transfers?
Feb 7th
Tell us about a time you felt the Spirit this week.
See above 
Quote or Scripture of the Week. 
Fav scripture and quote of Mormon to his son Moroni that  I read today is Moroni 8:16
"Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." 
Just such a powerful quote that im going to try and apply this week. 
What was the funniest thing that happened this week?
hmmm probably when we were talking to the drunk guy.  He called me Jason Beaver and we were dying... he was hilarious.

Love you mom! 
Elder Morgan

Hey Dad,

I still think it's crazy Trump is in office. We were eating at a restaurant and we saw some riots in DC on the news, they were throwing gas and flash bangs it seemed pretty wild.   
This week was really good! We just saw so many miracles, 5 new investigators, 2 at church. We are just praying that Laird can get a job so he can stay in the area for his baptism! Sad thing is I'll be leaving most likely on Feb 3rd. I'm kind of scared to go to a new area though I'm not sure what it will be like. 

Thats so sweet Tyler and Sarah sound like they got some nice dates. What if they're both married by the time i am home haha that would be crazy! 

I just finished the Book of Mormon and it was awesome.  I just took some time to think about everything and my testimony.  I really just had a spiritual time this morning during my studies, I wrote about the doctrine of Christ and how I need to live it and that you were such a great example of that. I would watch you read your scriptures everyday. And about our family. I think I'll send the book and you can read it. 

Love you, thanks for being such an amazing example to me
Elder Morgan 

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