Sunday, January 8, 2017

12/26/16... Christmas was a lot of fun!

Christmas SKYPE!!

It was so awesome seeing y'all yesterday.  Everybody looked so good! I'm glad that everybody is happy!  I don't feel grown up yet haha I still feel like a little high schooler.  I hope you all have an amazing time in Hawaii and be safe!  Christmas was really fun actually!  We went to the Dewsnup's for breakfast and opened presents then went to church. After church I Skyped y'all. Then we went to dinner at the Johnson's and it was a lot of fun! There were 3 other families all with little kids, then we did the nativity with the kids. It was great. After that we felt we should go see Larry. We brought him food and he was really happy to see us, he was really lonely and sad before we got there it seemed like.

Tell mom I said hi and that I love her

Love you
Elder Morgan
Larry always showin off his trophies haha 


Hey it was so good talking to you yesterday! You all look so good! It was so nice seeing your faces.   I hope yall are having a blast in Hawaii right now.  

This week was pretty slow but really fun. Christmas was a lot of fun! We went to the Dewsnup's in the morning.  They're a pretty hip couple in our ward.  ...Then church...Then talked to yall. ...Then went to our dinner later at the Johnson's, with the Bennions, Evans, and Brother Joey.  It was really fun.  They all have a bunch of little kids and we did a nativity at the end.  Saturday night we went to Waffle House which is just a breakfast place.  It was our Christmas dinner and our last dinner with Elder Craig. 

Love you so much it was great talking with you!
Elder Morgan  

Did the keyboard work for your tablet!?
Ya the keyboard was perfect! Thank you! The case was the wrong size but I just took it off and use the keyboard and it works awesome. 
-Who can we specifically pray for?
Sister Davidson and her son Jacob, and her boyfriend Jon. They have so much potential and are going through a hard time. 
-Did you get the money in the card?  Just want to make sure you saw it and don't throw it away. Use it for yourself or to help someone in need. 
Yeah I got it... thanks... you're the best! 
Love you all so much! 
Larry gave us a knife and a zippo lighter 
Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

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